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The Seraphim Store is the #1 beauty destination in Ghana. We are passionate advocates for skin health and beauty through our supply of tried and tested skincare, makeup, and cosmetics from global brands. The beauty space is compromised by products with harmful ingredients that expose consumers to skin disease and permanent damage. For this reason, we were inspired to establish and operate a full-service retail website and outlet based in Accra which consistently supplies thousands of our customers and clients, nationwide and beyond, with safe, effective, iconic products from 6 continents. Our team is led by a female Ghanaian physician and is under the guidance of a trained toxicologist. 

We are especially proud of our own line of luxury all handmade natural skincare as well as our other product offerings from African companies! We take pride in our curated portfolio and continue to research and comb the industry to add items and brands that speak truth to our values.

Our services extend beyond retail. We provide skincare consultations, skincare therapy and makeup services as well as training on-site. We strive to create a welcoming environment that promotes self-care for all.

Seraphim is African Beauty Redefined.

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Wishing you love, matte glow and shimmery glam,