A lot of what happens when one sets out on their day has to do with whether one is able to put their best face forward. Take it from a company that was started by African women who have had their faces fall a time or two.

To us, the recipe for looking good begins with nurturing skin daily to create a healthy, angelic palette for wholesome (and gorgeous) make-up. This made us wonder why we did not have a consistent source for great skincare and makeup products.

We introduce to you The Seraphim Store.

We are so excited to provide a reliable local source of great skincare and makeup, and we are stoked to literally be bringing these products to your doorstep! Like you, we have experienced first-hand the sunny, humid weather of our tropic coast, which can often result in oily-appearing, acne-prone, discolored and damaged skin. We also know all too well the restlessness involved in waiting for a friend to bring us our favorite skincare product on their next trip back home. For this reason, we have carefully selected and present to you our very favorite products for prevention, for healing and of course, to adorn our various shades of chocolate skin.

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Wishing you love, matte glow and shimmery glam,